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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Gooooey Decadent Simplicity

Thy name is S'mores. Mmmmmmm. Upon learning that G, my lovely British fiance, had never had a S'more, we acquired the fixins for them yesterday on our weekly Saturday grocery trip. As we are having a few small ant issues outside, we decided to make the marshmallowy goodies indoors over the burner of our electric stove. I believe my mom taught me that trick, but she uses a fork. We had some chopsticks that worked quite well for roasting our marshmallows over the open red hot coil.
For a moment we felt like campers, braving the wilderness, the sounds of creatures all around us. Ok...maybe we didn't really...maybe we heard a car passing down the street. I am happy to report that G thought they were "quite nice" even if a bit sweet. I would have to agree about the sweetness, but when you are a kid around a campfire they sure do hit the spot! Marshmallows, chocolate squares, graham crackers and a little heat and you have nummy melty goodness. Who says you need a great big fire?

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molly said...

that marshmallow is THE PERFECT roasting job. . . thin crispy and golden outer layer with warm oozing mallow goo inside. I love this, and all of your stunning culinary-concerned photographs.