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Monday, September 04, 2006

Bread, Final Act: The Crumb and Taste

The crumb wasn't quite as open as I would have liked..but with potatoes in the bread, I expected it to be somewhat closed. The flavor....Mmmmmm. I think next time I will add more rosemary and a bit more black pepper. I got slight rosemary flavor, and a hint of black pepper here and there. I prefer a slightly stronger rosemary presence. The bread itself was moist from the potatoes. The crust, oh the crust! Chewy and crusty and beautiful. Yum. Oh, and this really isn't the final bread baking for this blog will continue on :)


avital said...

Hi Jen!
I just discovered your blog while looking at flickr pictures and i just wanted to tell you that i'm also a "baker freak" and i'm always happy to discover other people with the exact same passion for bread making and baking. Your bread looks just great and i love the way with work!!
I'll sure be back!

Jen the bread freak said...

Hello! Thanks for the compliment and welcome :D It's always great to find a fellow bread (baking) freak!