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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Dough is in the Freezer

And I haven't had any new sponsors for ages. I am very happy with what I've raised so far though, so I won't complain! I will beg and plead without shame some more at the bottom of this post!

I've made the shortbread dough, as you can see from these photos:

The dough was a bit too soft to roll out (my butter was very very soft) so I've popped it into the freezer for a quick chill. Hope to have them baking in the next hour!

I'm not sure what number post this is....Hmmmmm. I'll have a count at 8:00 Pacific time.

Check out First Book, I am blogging to raise money for them today. Feel free to sponsor me. 49 posts in 24 hours, and I'm just a little bit more than halfway there! I'll be here until 6am Pacific time, so do feel free to drop in and leave a comment or two, it really helps boost my spirits!

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