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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Seeing as I'm Blogathoning for First Book...

I figured I should have some photos of books or something like that! My husband G is currently camped out on our couch reading and was kind enough to let me take his photo! And what follows is a photo of a few of my cookbooks (I have an addiction, I can't help it..there is another bookcase just about full of cookbooks as well).

So, read a book, sponsor me and help some children in need get their own bad (really it's good!) book habit!

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who else? said...

You haven't put any pictures of anyone eating the food you are making. I think a picture of G eating at least something would be an asset to your blogging!

Tartelette said...

Go Jen Go!!

Anonymous said...

What's G reading? Poke him.

el bootso said...

poke him hard!

Jen the Bread Freak said...

Boots: I'll have to post a photo of him eating the ice cream i'm making!

Thank you again, Tartlette!

He's reading the last of the Harry Potter Books, Robin :)

I'll poke him in a bit (eh?)