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Monday, September 25, 2006

Luxurious, Beautiful, Buttery,

Silky, soft, elastic, smooth, luminous brioche dough. There is nothing that quite compares to the feel of it. It is like buttah, because, it is buttah. I will post the recipe I just went a bit nutty with the pictures of the dough. I couldn't help myself, it really is lovely. The dough is comfortably nestled in my refrigerator firming and fermenting preparing itself for the transformation that all of us bakers love to witness. From dough to is a wonderful thing to behold! Recipe and directions will be posted tomorrow after all is baked! Be ready!


Scherneel said...

I agree so much!!! Brioche dough is so lovely!! I made a Zopf (Swiss Plait) yesterday...yummy!! :)

Jen the bread freak said...

Yum! I saw the pictures of your Zopf and it looked wonderful!