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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Digging into my back pocket

for something to post. I've decided to do a few photos from our honeymoon. We spent the time in Estes Park, Colorado. I've loved it there since I was a teenager and my family would vacation there. G had never been to Colorado before, so it was a great choice.

Twin Owls (or is it twin my brain is not keeping up with me):

Really tasty Burrito from Casa Grande, Estes Park

Final one for this post, Us:

Don't forget to have a look a the blogathon page for updates and to check out other blogs! There is a whole B group of bloggers that started at 9pm Pacific time yesterday, so they'll be continuing on through 9pm Pacific tonight!

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1 comment:

Padme said...

wow that scenery is GORGEOUS!!!

keep up the work. you're ALMOST there!