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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Still working on

My ice cream, I got it to the perfect softened consistency. Not quite soupy, not solid either. Mmmmmm. Definitely uplifting. I needed it badly. My last 5 minute cuddle break with G had me feeling very much like just packing it in and falling asleep. I'm sure I'll still feel like that off and on for the last few hours..but, it's really down to the last three hours! I can't believe it! And "Dancing Queen" is currently playing on the internet radio station, how can you go wrong with that? No need to answer that question. Nothing like a little silly music in the wee hours of the morning to help one along. And, random babbling begins.

And here's a photo of the moon I took two months ago, enjoy!

Only 3 hours left! Have a look at First Book, it's the charity I've been blogging for for the past 21 hours! Sponsor me if you are awake!

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