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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ice Cream Beginnings...

As I mentioned in the previous post (my my, aren't I posting a lot today? Why could that be? Oh yes, it's this thing called Blogathon and you should really think about sponsoring me, I'm in this for 24 hours and 49 posts...I'd appreciate any sort of donation to the wonderful charity First Book..and now back to the post) I would really like to make some Mint Chip Ice Cream. As I'm a bit busy with all these posts, I haven't had a lot of time to dig through my various recipes and cookbooks, but happily I found what looks like the perfect recipe for this ice cream here. I have gathered a bunch of mint from my garden (as you can see) and I will be going through the steps in photos for the next few posts. Then the ice cream mix will be chilled and hopefully I can churn it tonight, could make for an excellent late night snack!

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