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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sourdough Starter #4: Third Feeding

(24 hours after last night's feeding)

Things are looking very good for Dudley the sourdough starter. He's doubled his size since his last feeding about 24 hours ago. He's developing a light sour smell (to some it may seem a bit much, but to a baker, it's a wonderful scent). He's bubbling away and full of life. This third feeding is the same as the last two. I'll be discarding half of the mixture and whisking in 4 ounces of bottled water (bottled because tap has chemicals that wild yeast doesn't much care for) and 4 ounces of unbleached bread flour, I will be returning him to his home and doing at least one more feeding before I think about making a loaf with him, more than likely I'll do two more feedings(just to make sure the starter is strong enough). Once the startter is where I want it to be, I can refridgerate to make the yeast much more dormant (feedings will still have to take place, but much less often). I'm hoping that I'll be baking with this enough to not have to refridgerate the starter...we shall see.
(after today's feeding)

Tune in for the next feeding tomorrow (I might just post a few photos and a link to these posts, as I feel like I'm being quite redundant now).

(edit: this is Dudley 5 hours after this last feeding, going strong!):

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