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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Been Waiting for this for Hours!

Yum. It's the mint chocolate chip ice cream I started making way back at post # uh....17, well, you can find it here and it progresses from this post. So, basically what this post is going to be is a whole bunch of gratuitous ice cream photos. Enjoy!
It is really tasty, by the way. Quite worth waiting for..and it's given me a bit of a second or well, I think fourth by now, wind (maybe wind is too strong a word, maybe it's more like a light breeze. Enjoy the photos! Only 3 1/2 hours to go.......must keep blogging, must keep blogging, must keep blogging blogging blogging.....

Feel free to lick the screen if you want.

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Jigme said...

Ah... That looks good. I think maybe I should get some food in me. I really don't know what. Oh, and check if I've got my meds in me today yet. I don't think so.

Jigme Datse

Cinara said...

I can't believe I hadn't seen this before, Jen!!! I've been so busy with work I haven't had time to visit all the blogs I like, so I've missed wonderful things like this ice cream... It sure made me want to lick the screen!!! ;o)

Jen the Bread Freak said...

Jigme: Thanks, it was really really good :).

Cinara: Well, the ice cream got pretty buried among the 49 posts I did in 24 hours for Blogathon 2007. It was such a good ice cream, and helped me finish out my last few hours of charity blogging :D. Thank you for the compliment!