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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Making of the Custard (more Mint Ice Cream)

Ok, I have made the ice cream base as stated at this recipe. I am happy to say the cream/milk with the mint steeped in it for 2 hours made a wonderfully minty flavor..the mint even gave the ice cream a slight green tint. Yum.

This is the strained milk/cream/mint/sugar mixture with a split vanilla bean coming up to a simmer:

These are the egg yolks waiting to be tempered in:

This is the tempering of the yolks (basically you want to slowly whisk the hot liquid into the yolks to avoid them scrambling on you) Thank you G for taking this one:

This is the finished ice cream base, I've strained it into a 9x13" pan to facilitate faster cooling. With any luck I can churn this stuff in about 4 hours or so!

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