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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Snack Attack #2

Well, the need to fuel myself stuck again. All of us Blogathoners are now in the 10th and one half hour. I decided to make some fresh guacamole. I had three avocadoes, took out their yumminess, placed it in a bowl. I then squeezed the life out of one lime into the bowl and added a pinch of salt. I took a potato masher to the avocadoes (I do like a chunky guac) and just smooshed it all together until it was the consistency that I like. I did add one dash of hot sauce, but that's about all (had I some cilantro that also may have been added). I love my guacamole very simple so the avocado flavor can be most appreciated. Photos of the process:

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*ice cream update in next post*

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1 comment:

O.H. said...

OMG! I want fresh guacamole!

Fellow blogger who is also raising money for First Book :)