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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Shameless Cat Exploitation!!

That's right, I'll do whatever it takes to get a post up during the Blogathon. If that means that my kitties have to have their photos put up on the internet, well, then that's what I'll do! This is Tim. Tim is doing what I would like to be doing in a few hours, but will have to wait until tomorrow to do. He's great at vegging on the couch. He also likes to play fetch, but I'm just not good at taking action shots of him running towards me with his ball in his mouth. I do however have a photo of his fetching balls (yes yes...have a good chuckle at that one, then enjoy the photo and maybe think about sponsoring me in my 24 hour quest to raise money for First Book)

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Boots of course said...

fetch·ing /ˈfɛtʃɪŋ/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[fech-ing] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation

charming; captivating.

The female cats must love him!

Jen the Bread Freak said...

Oh, they do love him, Boots. It's not just his balls that are fetching :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, where did you get those "fetching balls"? All rude comments aside, they look like a great cat toy and my 20-lb cat could use some exercise.

Jen the Bread Freak said...

Anony: I've found the fetching balls in various places. I first got them one night at a grocery store..they were under the name brand of "spotnips". Tim always liked to play fetch with his mousies, and I thought he might like the balls, they are easy for him to bring back cause of the bumpy bits. I've also seen them on Amazon under the name (yes, we can get some more chuckles out of this one) "atomic balls". They bounce all over the place and are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I found them.
Thanks Jen. I'm going to order a couple and see if I can get my cat to take an interest in something.

Jen the Bread Freak said...

You're welcome, Anony! I hope your kitty likes them. If not, they might make good Christmas ornaments if you could get a hook through them!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jen.
Just a note from me and my cat: Thanks for the tip about the cat toys.
Visit Boo's page and look at her pics to see exactly what she is doing with them!

Jen the Bread Freak said...

Awesome! I'll come have a look :D